Micronized iron oxides for coating applications

2023-04-20 14:40:24 By : Ms. ping liang

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In our brand overview you will find our main brands sorted alphabetically. This overview makes it easy for you to find the LANXESS brand of your choice that exactly fits the desired application area. In addition, under each brand you will find the corresponding product portfolio as well as the industry in which the brand is used. Color Cadmium Yellow

Micronized iron oxides for coating applications

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LANXESS will be climate neutral by 2040. We are pursuing this target in an ambitious and forward-looking manner by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and introducing process and technology innovations.

All Bayferrox® M-grades are intensively milled by advanced technology and show a significant reduction of agglomerates at reduced dispersing time. The high proportion of primary particles  results in better pigment performance in the coatings application: 

Micronized iron oxides for coating applications

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